I'm very interested in having the smile I had in my early days, 30+ years ago. Unfortunately my teeth are not what they used to be and I've really tried to take care of them but I guess that's just aging. If I provide pictures, is it possible to have veneers to look like what I used to have? Do you do any kind of digital image to show me what my new teeth would look like before I move forward with anything?

VictoriaN October 24, 2019

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Robert McHarris, DDS
949.640.9010, Newport Beach, Dentistry
Dear Victoria,

Thank you for taking the time to ask a great question. In fact, you’re not alone. The most common request we get from patients who come in to see us for the first time is the desire to restore their smile to a youthful and healthy appearance. You’re absolutely right! It is the natural “wear-and-tear” on our teeth over the years that cause them to change in ways that leave us feeling less inspired to smile for the camera.

The good news is, at Newport Center Dental we use the latest techniques and materials that can restore any smile and give you the most natural appearance. While pictures and the use of digital images can sometimes be helpful, they are limited in how we are able to demonstrate all that is possible. Generally, those images are similar to the ones that can easily be created using any photoshop program. Your face, your smile and the function of your teeth is so much more than that -- which is why we preview a new smile by creating a mock-up of how your new smile will actually look AND feel. It is so lifelike and beautiful that patient’s often want to go home wearing their initial mock-up.

The best way to provide you with a clear picture of what’s possible is to invite you to meet our team, share your goals for your new smile and discuss all the options available to you. This could be exactly what you’ve been waiting for and we believe you deserve it! Visit our site and feel free to call for your Complimentary New Smile Consultation today.

Dr. McHarris and the Newport Center Dental Team